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What We Do


Women United members give, advocate, and volunteer to support programs that take a two-generational approach to advancing single mothers and their children.

We invest our members contributions directly to the programs that support our mission. We do this through the oversight of our Investment Committee, which is comprised of over a dozen members.

We organize fundraisers, network with community leaders, and advocate for policies that support families. We are Women United in action!

As a giving group of the United Way of Greater Portland, we are able to leverage the organization’s rich history, resources, knowledge, and relationships to achieve the highest impact.

$180,000 was raised in 2017 to advance two-generation strategies that support the health and well-being of families in Greater Portland.

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Women United invested $120,000 into programs in the East Bayside last year.
This Portland neighborhood was the first focus of Women United because …


invested in Project Win


invested in Bayside Empowered


Based on the results of a needs assessment, and in collaboration with Portland Housing Authority (PHA) and Portland Adult Education (PAE), Women United awarded $20,000 to Bayside emPOWERed to bring together families for bi-monthly dinners and weekly coffee hours. The sessions offer opportunities for families to connect while also gaining skills and information that they have identified as important to their lives.

PROJECT WIN: $100,000

In November 2017, Women United announced a $100,000 multi-year investment in The Opportunity Alliance’s Project WIN (Women in Neighborhoods).

Project WIN works with single mothers and their children living in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood, bringing together the partners who can help parents pursue employment skills and education goals to improve their own economic security and stability, while simultaneously ensuring their children are on a path from the earliest age to engage in lifelong learning.

Project WIN will work in a deliberate and focused way to bring together and align resources from various community partners for the greatest impact. Initial community partners include SMCC, Portland Adult Education, Head Start, Pine Tree Legal, and East End Community School.



Women United has chosen to focus their investments in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland because: