Traditional Model
The Traditional Model or, a “fee for service” model, is what most patients are accustomed to:  patients are charged a copay and insurance is billed for each visit. This will remain unchanged in our practice.

Access Model
The Access Model requires an annual membership fee per patient and in return, provides enhanced access to the medical providers not seen in the traditional model.  This enhanced access includes:

  • Cell phone access to your doctors
  • Same or next day office visits  
  • Flexible office hours when needed
  • Direct access to office staff and physicians for questions and prescription refills
  • Direct after-hours access to Drs. Jennifer and Steven Cutone for urgent issues

Internal Medicine of Southern Maine combines these two models: we accept most insurance and also require a reasonable annual membership fee. With this design, we will put the value and personal connection back into the patient-physician relationship.  We will be able to provide the right care for you when you need it most!

Benefits of the combined Traditional and Access Model include:

  • Smaller patient to physician ratios
  • Enhanced access to your doctor through non-rushed office visits, tele-visits, patient portal, and phone conversations. 
  • Coordination of your health care by your physician with all your specialists
  • Coordination of care after following a hospital stay
  • ​Avoidance of unnecessary urgent care/ER visits due to enhanced access and communication with your doctor
  • Management of simple health problems (i.e., UTI, colds, conjunctivitis) over the phone to eliminate unnecessary office visits
  • Guidance on obtaining the best value for medical services such as labs and imaging