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Join Us

We are stronger as one

Our community needs people like you who want to build a better future for ourselves and our neighbors. Working together under our community’s shared vision, Thrive2027, we will give children a strong start, empower everyone to thrive – not just survive, and help people live longer, better lives so that we all thrive together.

While Cumberland County is a great place to live and work, not everyone is doing well:

  • Nearly 1/3 of Cumberland County third graders do not read at grade level
  • More than half of our neighbors don’t have sufficient resources for housing and other necessities
  • Adults with major mental illness die 14 to 32 years younger than the general population

The consequences of these lost opportunities are staggering – both economically and socially.

We already have hundreds of organizations, employers, parents, caregivers, and individuals engaged in the Thrive2027 work. Where do you see yourself in this movement? Begin by showing your support by signing a letter of endorsement, then see where your heart takes you…

Join our efforts to support a better future for ourselves and our neighbors. The first step, is signing a statement of endorsement to show your support for our community’s vision. The second step is to sign a statement of alignment, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to aligning your work with one or multiple Thrive2027 goals. As your organization goes deeper into the Thrive2027 work, you may consider step three, to work with other community partners, and step four, to report data to help demonstrate the impact your work, along with others, is having in the community. 

Get Involved

Be the One to…
  • Adopt-a-school – Engage in the Partners for Children program
  • Fund a mobile food unit that goes to social service sites children and families already visit such as health clinics or community hubs
  • Hold a book drive for new, high quality, developmentally appropriate books in coordination with community or school needs
  • Connect youth to STEM/STEAM experiences, such as job shadow opportunities, guest speakers, and hands-on projects
  • Offer or connect students to paid or unpaid internships and youth apprenticeships that, depending on length, earn high school and college credits
  • Provide employees and their dependents with access to comprehensive benefits for physical, behavioral, and mental health that eliminate barriers to care
  • Provide meaningful internships to high school and college students
  • Support employees by providing comprehensive, affordable health benefits
  • Offer employees access to educational opportunities to enhance their skills–Find more ideas in our Employer Best Practices document

Be the One to…
  • Mentor a child…and give kids a strong start!
  • Read with a child
  • Coach kids
  • Conduct a mock job interview….to empower neighbors to thrive – not just survive
  • Mentor a youth transitioning to college
  • Mentor a youth preparing for a career or trade
  • Mentor an English Language Learner
  • Connect someone to your network
  • Take action to prevent suicide…and help us all live longer, better
  • Serve food at a community meal
  • Contact elected officials to tell them how you feel about upcoming bills
  • Volunteer to provide free tax preparation and connect people to financial resources through CA$H Greater Portland
  • Make a financial contribution
  • Raise public awareness by talking to neighbors and friends about Thrive2027
  • Ask your employer to show their support by signing a letter of endorsement


You can make a financial contribution to Thrive2027 via United Way of Greater Portland. Your gift is an investment in positive change in our community and will help to give kids a strong start, empower our neighbors to thrive – not just survive, and help us all live longer, better.