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Welcome Kit

Kick-Start Your Thrive2027 Work

Welcome!  Thank you for endorsing Thrive2027, our community’s shared vision to give children a strong start, empower everyone to thrive – not just survive, and help people live longer, better lives.

As an endorser, you join hundreds of organizations, employers, parents, caregivers, and individuals engaged in the Thrive2027 work supporting a better future for ourselves and our neighbors. 

How to kick start your Thrive2027 work:

  1. Show your support by displaying the Thrive2027 partner logo.
  2. Familiarize yourself and your team with Thrive2027.
  3. Implement thriving workplaces best practices and policies in your organization: download “Thriving Workplaces Policies & Best Practices.” 
  4. Publicize your work – with a press release, on your website, on social media, or in your newsletter. Download our communications tools and guidelines to get started.
  5. Search our engagement toolkit for ideas on how you or your organization can be the one to help build a more thriving community.
  6. Please share your stories of success with us. We’d like to help you publicize your good work! Email info@thrive2027.org.

Thank you for taking this first, important step to supporting Thrive2027. If you and your team are ready to engage a bit further, the second step is to sign a statement of alignment, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to aligning your work with one or multiple Thrive2027 goals. As your organization goes deeper into the Thrive2027 work, you may consider step three, to work with other community partners, and step four, to report data to help demonstrate the impact your work, along with others, is having in the community. Learn more.