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Electricity Lifeline Program (ELP)

If you are at risk of having your electricity cut off, the Electricity Lifeline Program (ELP) may be able to help with a credit to your Central Maine Power Company (CMP) electric bill. CMP will determine your eligibility based on your reported annual income and your past electricity usage.

The Electricity Lifeline Program has provided assistance for neighbors in need for over 20 years.

You may qualify for ELP if you are a year-round, residential CMP customer and are eligible for LIHEAP. The electric bill must be in the qualified household member’s name. (Having an eligible LIHEAP application does not always guarantee approval for a credit.) You may also qualify if you live in subsidized housing and qualify to participate in the oxygen pump or ventilator program.

You must reapply for ELP every year. You can apply for ELP when you apply for LIHEAP.