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Thriving in Place

Thriving in Place (TiP) helps people with chronic health conditions, including the elderly and persons with disabilities, maintain or improve their health so they can remain independent and safe in their homes and communities.

Thriving in Place offers workshops, social events, and volunteer services that empower older and chronically disabled people to remain in their homes and stay engaged in their communities.

Thriving in Place can connect you or a loved one to volunteers, local services, and organizations that provide help with the details of life that can become challenging for older and disabled people. Some help-at-home tasks might include raking, painting, grab-bar installation, changing light bulbs, air conditioner removal/installation, snow shoveling, and roof raking, and more. Just ask—we can most likely help.

If you or someone you know is an older or chronically disabled person in need of basic home repair or chore services, please let us know, we’re here for you!

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